Review; Technic Cosmetics

Welcome back my lovely people, today it’s all about makeup.

Makeup from the brand…. Technic
Technic are a hugely affordable cosmetics brand, with eye palettes, nail varnishes, lipsticks etc. They have recently brought out a few contour palettes too which I am dying to try – I have recently found my local Peacocks store selling Technic … its also available on amazon.

The Products:
Eyeshadow Palette

The product I was most looking forward to trying out was definitely the eye shadow palette, because I just love a good palette and I don’t own a really good nude palette. This is called the Mega Mattes Eyeshadows by Technic, all 10 shades are matte neutral tones working from light to dark.

I was super impressed with the staying power of these eyeshadows, I primed my eyelids and the colours did stay there all day. Each shadow is equally as pigmented as the next and super blendable.
Blender Brush

I blended these shades together using a technic cosmetics blender brush, now as many of you know I’m a pretty big novice at using eyeshadow and I have next to no make up brushes! So I was super impressed with this blending brush, however I have never used any other blending brushes so I have nothing to compare it to, I love it though!
Next, I reached for the …eyeliner. Which I love love love. I hate it when eyeliners smudge/end up half way down your face… this stayed perfectly still. Also the nip is so precise, you can get so close to your lash line with this product.

Lip Crayon
& finally, you all know I love a good lippy… I went for the matte lip crayon (juicy sticks). I LOVE THIS. It’s the perfect every day shade, super creamy, gorgeously pigmented and stays matte and in place all day.

All in all I was really happy with all the products I tried and thoroughly impressed!

Fran, X


5 thoughts on “Review; Technic Cosmetics”

  1. These sounds great and definitely like a brand I need to try! I’ve been so rubbish with makeup lately, just sticking to my usual few, so it’s really time to experiment with new products! The eyeliner sounds great as I can never get close enough to my lash line. Love this post, Fran! 💕 xxx

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    1. Its super super cheap aswell! I found them in my local factory shop the other day! yeah i’ve been pretty rubbish too – mainly cause everythings so expensive! yeah, honestly I was so impressed I didn’t think it would be as good as it was! super easy to get off too! Thank you my lovely 🙂 xxx


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