New Year; New?


& so another new year is upon us. 2017… I think the whole blogging community is ready for you.


Its been a beautiful year. Firstly, I started blogging & even went so far as to start a youtube channel – which for me is quite a big thing! I’m so happy I started my blog, I’ve met so many glorious people, its legit like having another family. Its also helped my sanity I think – being able to vent on my blog or social media/discuss thoughts has been so good for my mental health! Opening my eyes to different sides of stories, different thoughts and opinions is always a good and knowledgeable thing.

Another big thing for 2016 was definitely moving out of my Mum and Dad’s house and in with the Boyf. This definitely came with its own trials and tribulations.. but in the end it was all worth it! I’m completely loving it now and would really struggle to live at home again… Although I do visit Mum and Dad every weekend pretty much… that’s where the puppy lives!!

2017 Plans:

  1. I will get fit – I am defiant that this is the year I will get fit… I do want to loose a bit of weight but I mostly want to tone and actually be fit… I can’t run for longer than a minute without being out a breathe!
  2. I will blog more – I want to stick to my blog schedule of Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.
  3. I will learn Adobe Creative Suite – I know it a teeny bit at the moment, but I really want to be a pro at it by the end of this year.
  4. I want to get better at netball & be league ready.
  5. I will work on my youtube – whether I blog more or start doing sit down videos I’m not sure yet, but I really enjoy editing & filming.
  6. I will get better with iMovie – I want to be a pro by the end of this year!
  7. I will get a career… in something. I want to love my job.
  8. I want to buy a house – not a 100% sure how this one will go… but I definitely want to have got one or be in the middle of purchasing one by the end of the year.
  9. I want to expand my blog… not sure in what way yet… but we’ll see where the year takes us.
  10. I want to travel somewhere I haven’t been yet. Be it a city in the UK or another country… just to go somewhere new.

Realistically I know I can achieve everything off that list… I just need to stick at it… & make some more blogger pals to meet 😉

Let me know your plans for next year & thank you for all your support this year.

Fran, X


15 thoughts on “New Year; New?”

  1. I love this, I’m so happy you started blogging and that I came across your blog. I hope you do start blogging more though- I miss seeing your posts pop up on my reader feed!!! But you’re so right, the blogging world is like my second fam, and I’m so glad we became friends/penpals lol I hope you accomplish everything you listed for 2017…buying a house?! That’d be amazing, I wish the same thing but I still dont even know where I want to have my permanent residence be lol but I can’t wait to follow along on your journey! Cheers!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Thank you, you absolute babe! I’ve missed your comments haha I decided to take Christmas off, aka I just got too busy! But I’m back do not fear! Did you have a lovely christmas? Mhmm yeah well i don’t know how well buying a house will go! but we shall see! xxx

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  2. Good luck with all of your goals for the year Fran! You totally got this!! I’m excited to see videos from you!!
    I’ve not really made any plans for this year yet as little baby is on his way (hopefully) this month.. so once he’s arrived, I’ll try and set some goals haha! xx

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  3. Aw such a lovely post! Completely with you on the not being able to run without getting out of breath 😅 Moving out must have been so exciting! My boyf and I planned to but we didn’t realise how many costs there would be on top of rent! Must be nice going back to see the puppy 😊 Adobe Creative Suite is also something I’ve been wanting to tackle but it’s just so expensive and there is so much to learn! Good luck with your goals for the year, they sound great and it’s nice having a few things to motivate you! 💖 xxx

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