Fitness Week #1

Welcome back my lovely people!

Soo as you know from my New Year; New? post I am all about fitness this year! I kinda always have been keen on fitness and exercise. I go stir crazy if I’ve been shut in all day haha I just have to do some form of exercise… for my own peace of mind. Obviously I know its not all about exercise you have to eat right as well… which I’m doing… to an extent… do not fear!!

Dan & I decided that 2017 is the year we’re going to get actually fit. I don’t really know why Dan’s doing it because he’s fit already… plays football like 3 times a week and has a super physical job – & he can do press ups already… my goal in life is to be able to do a proper press up!! 

I have written down a load of work outs focused on different areas of my body – I got these from various personal trainer/youtubers! So our plan/routine atm is 20-30 mins cardio and then whatever our workouts are x3, so we basically repeat everything 3 times. The 20-30 mins cardio I tend to do on the treadmill as interval training, so 2 mins high speed running and 2 mins medium – fast walking and so on!

So far I’m loving it, my daily routine is, Mon & Tues gym after work, Wed I usually do some yoga in the morning, Thurs Netball, Fri nothing, Sat & Sun gym. Which I am 100% trying to stick too… I think the only struggle will be Saturday mornings.. because I usually just go home to Mum and Dads!

Dan & I have also been doing the Ab challenge and another challenge that he found on fb which basically involves; plank, squats, crunches, jacknife crunches, press ups… which increase in length/amount as the month goes on. My body has stopped aching everyday now – which I believe is a good thing, but when I’m whacking out 50+ sit ups… I deffo feel the pain then!!

All in all, I am feeling really refreshed and ready for this fitness boost. I’ve probably been saying for the past 10 year ‘I just want to be fit’ & this year I really want to achieve that!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you do to stay fit.

Fran, X



72 thoughts on “Fitness Week #1”

  1. Wow well done you, this is amazing! Would you do a post on how you get motivated to exercise? I’d love to do that stuff but I’m so lazy and unmotivated when it comes to physical movement :p

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  2. Oh man! I wish I was as motivated as you! I used to be a swimmer and kept myself really fit, but the last few years I have let myself slip! My exercise now consists of a dog walk or two everyday, and I try my best to make it to a spin class every week. I just feel like my body is rapidly changing though!
    What is the Ab Challenge? What would you recommend for me? Something to get me in the mood for working out again!

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    1. Aww amazing! Do you still have time to go swimming during the week? If you love it really try and get back into it! The ab challenge I will try and find a photo of it for you, actually google it! There are loads, it’s basically doing more and more crunches each day and planks to improve your abs! I think I just stay motivated because I really have been trying to years to be fit and I just really want to do it this year!! Xxx

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  3. Aaah I got so motivated by this post! Like seriously, I-could-go-out-for-a-run-right now-motivated. Love your press up goal btw – I can’t do them either. It’s really a problem because I love doing yoga and some arm strength is required after all 🙈 I usually just end up lying like a smashed egg on the floor. Ahem.

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    1. Haha I am exactly the same… in the ab challenge we have to do the side plank and oh my goodness I can only hold it for a bout 10 seconds!! I’m so weak! Aww I’m glad you’re motivated 🙂 id love to go to a yoga class… I just watch YouTube videos! Xxx

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      1. Haha no I know the feeling! I usually mutter something like “Damn you arms, damn you!” Aah, I love youtube yoga, it’s really the best way to do yoga. Simply because you can pause when you want to and don’t have to endure any glances from your yoga mat neighbour. Xxx


  4. Aw I think it’s good that you and Dan are doing it together, regardless if hes already in shape. I always find that having someone there right by you is a great motivator and he can also help to push you too and vis versa! I always feel like its easier for guys because they’re naturally doing things that are more physical whether its with work or playing sports….Andrew’s the same, he loves sports. That ab challenge sounds great but tough, I need that in my life. I’m all about the challenges, every month I do a squats challenge but I think it’d be totally helpful to add some abs in there too. Ah your post is making me more motivated…! lol Best of luck Fran!!!

    xo, JJ

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  5. This is a great post! I’m trying to get fit this year too. Only started yesterday though as it was my first Monday back at work! Looking up workouts for different parts of the body is a great idea, I think I’ll have to work on that tonight!
    Inspiring post X

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  6. Good on you! The best thing I’ve found when creating a workout plan is changing it up every couple of weeks e.g changing up your combo exercises after 2 weeks to keep you not only interested but motivated! Not only preventing you from boredom but additionally targeting different muscle groups. 🙂


  7. Aww congrats on your huge goal of getting fit in 2017!! I love working out with my boyfriend too – he is also much more fit than me lol. His workouts and my workouts are usually not the same, but I love going to the gym with him — it’s motivating :)) Looking forward to following along on our journey this year with fitness :)) You guys got this!

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  8. Fitness is extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time! It’s an awesome goal to set for yourself too, and even better when you have a buddy! Looking forward to following your journey 🙂

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  9. good luck to your In your fitness journey!! If you’re ever needing some new workouts or some motivation, check out my fitness blog and insta fitgirlfoodgirl.wordpress !!! you got this!!


  10. Sorry to barge in. Just wanted to say that I have the healthy eating part down, but not the exercise part. I haven’t done any real exercise since boot camp in ’87. Good to know others are not having this problem I have with getting motivated.

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  11. Awesome! 2017 is the year that my husband and I swore we would get in shape and stop falling off the bandwagon. It gets hard, but going is the first step! Nice job! Can’t wait to see your progress. 😊

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  12. Great post, it got me so motivated! ❤
    If you would be so kind and take a look at my blog I'd appreciate that so much! It's mostly dedicated to makeup, however, I'm a passionate cook as well and I've just published a recipe on healthy pancakes which are delicious, very nutritious and they are the best reward after a great workout! Thank you so much for your time, I enjoyed reading your blog! ❤

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  13. Hey, nice post. I’m excited to see what you do in the future!

    I love the idea of blogging for health, especially for just starting out.

    I have started a blog here myself. It’s not much, but I feel like if I reach out to at least a few people and motivate them while I’m on my journey, I will be happy with my efforts.

    I hope everything turns out well for you!

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  14. Great post. The first step is the hardest one! Once you get started and get going things get easier. Results are motivating. Good luck!

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