Review; Timberland Nellie Chukka Boots

Welcome back my lovely people 🙂

I have spoken before on my blog about how awkward my feet are with all shoes… al I want in life is just a good shoe (hopefully 2). So my first job from about 23rd December was to find a nice pair of lace up black boots in the sale that were preferably waterproof and looked cute, not chunky.

fyi – sorry the boots are so muddy! so unprofessional!

After scrolling through Asos, Schuh and multiple other sites… I found the Timberland Nellie Chukka boots on Office, and fell in love.



They looked super super practical & 100% what I wanted. So of course I ordered them… (Its bad, I’m so used to the Asos Premier Delivery that I always expect items I’ve ordered to come the next day!) However, eventually the glorious office bag got delivered and inside were these babies & I just couldn’t be happier!

Firstly you will notice that they don’t look like your typical timberland boot… the top rim hasn’t got the ‘iconic’ padding. Instead I think it looks a little smarter/feminine, the padding is actually on the inside which I find a lot nicer. As you can see I went for these in black, as again I just wanted a good sturdy pair of black boots that I could pretty much where with anything!

I got these in a Size 8 as I have special orthotics for my feet which basically add a shoe size on so they will actually fit! Even though they are a bigger size, I don’t find they make my feet look any bigger… I think the lace detail helps them look slightly smaller. This is why I tend to stay away from Chelsea boots, because my feet just look huge… same with Uggs! (not that I could ever afford them!)


The thick sole is really cushioning and quite bouncy to walk on, making them an absolute dream to wear. I’m pretty sure I had one blister the first day I wore them on my heal, but they was all, I wear them all the time now and no problems!

I just thought I’d write a little review for you, in case there is anyone else out there with really difficult feet like me!!

Fran, X




10 thoughts on “Review; Timberland Nellie Chukka Boots”

  1. Timbs are for sure one of my best boot making companies. I always resort to them when it comes to comfort, protection, and they last for a while… I had a pair back in the day very similar to these, in black too of course…I never bought new ones in place because they are on the pricer side and frankly I’m just a heels kind of girl at work lol great little review!

    xo, JJ

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