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FP; How I stay motivated

Welcome back my lovely people, today I will be discussing all things motivation aka how I manage to drag myself to the gym & work out!…its tough!

I think most people seek some form of motivation… especially in January as everyone wants to get fit, loose a bit of weight or tone up. Its very easy in the days running up to the New Year to make all these promises to yourself, that you will get fit, you will loose weight and as if by magic on New Years Day you will stop eating every single thing that’s bad for you forever!! Actually sticking to these goals however and making them a reality is a lot harder than just saying it or writing it… you actually have to do it.

Since New Year’s I have been quite strict on myself in terms of eating and exercising, because I am super determined this year to get my body how I want it. Just a pre warning – I do actually have really good willpower… most of the time if I set myself something to achieve, I will do it because I know I can… eventually! But getting fit has always been one that has eluded me… until now!


Schedule: For me it really helps to have a schedule so I know what days I’m going to be working out, which will be harder than others and which day/s I get to rest (my fave days). I find this gives me reassurance that I’m not going to be working out really hard everyday and so I know I have something to look forward too, although at the moment I am quite enjoying working out! Once you make going to the gym or doing a home work out part of your daily routine, you will get used to it and you’ll start to schedule it in automatically.

Doing it: I find the hardest part about working out the bit before when you’re debating whether to actually do it or not! Just try and ignore that feeling if possible, and tell yourself it will be worth it. I do love walking out of the gym knowing that I’ve had a great session, so I also try and remember that feeling as I’m getting into my gym gear! Its also pretty helpful if you’re working to go to the gym/workout straight after work so you don’t have a period where you lull yourself into snuggling on the sofa watching TV – its a lot harder to motivate yourself after that! If you don’t have work or its the weekend I tend to go to the gym in the mornings, so I can get it out the way and get on with my day. The gym is quite nice in the mornings on a weekend… I do love an empty gym!

Plan: Having a workout plan before you go to the gym is always going help you out. You don’t want to be standing around at the gym, wasting time thinking about what to do… you just want to go in and get it done! I tend to do about 20-30 mins cardio and then focus on a body part, eg. abs, thighs and butt, shoulders, back etc, or vice versa. For me it just makes life easier and makes me feel as though I’ve done a proper work out and got done what I needed to! I spend again about 20-30 minutes working out on whatever body part – as I mentioned in my previous post, I mainly watch personal trainers on YouTube for ideas for exercises, its such a cheap and easy way to find inspiration.

Stretch: Don’t think ‘great I’m done’ the second the running machine hits 00:00, you need to stretch! I can’t say much because I am awful at remembering to do this… but by the end of your workout you really need to stretch your muscles. If you don’t you will probably be feeling like I am right now and can barely walk! Its such an easy step, again Google or YouTube some stretches if you want some more effective ones or you want them suited to one body part. Just make sure you schedule in an extra 5 minutes at the end of your workout to stretch and relax your muscles.

FYI – I am 100% not an expert in fitness, healthy eating or life really… these are all just things I do to stay motivated and hopefully get fit!

I hope you enjoyed, let me know if there are any other fitness type subjects you would like me to blog about!


Fran, X


28 thoughts on “FP; How I stay motivated”

  1. I need to make a schedule for myself too! I usually just go when I have time during the day, or if I don’t go I’ll just do a quick at home work out. But I get the most cardio done at the gym on the machines so I definitely need to make a schedule to make sure I go lol. (P.S. I am currently doing a plank challenge for beginners if you wanna join!) Also, I would be interested in a post about what you eat before/after the gym :))

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    1. Oooo yes let me know what challenge you’re doing! It is so hard to fit the gym in sometimes. Ahhh yes now I really struggle with what to eat before and after… I need to do some research first! Xxx

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  2. Love this post! You’re completely right – leaving the house and getting yourself to the gym is actually the hardest part 😅 Once you’re there you just get on with it! It’s definitely hard to be motivated in winter but I find having a little goal like a holiday or something really helps get me to the gym! And stretching is genuinely my favourite part of the workout – it’s so relaxing and also means it’s time to go home 😅 I like your tip about focusing on one body part after some cardio! xxx

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      1. Oh gosh I don’t know how to explain them ahaha 🙈 there’s a really good set of 3 I learnt from cheer where you go into a starting position as if you’re going to race, you know like they do at the olympics aha, and then just rock back and forth slowly transferring weight from one leg to the other…? Then sit back on the leg behind and stretch the front leg out, reaching for your toes with your hand. Then the third is just attempting to do the splits as much as feels comfortable 😊 They work really well for me but I don’t know if it makes any sense how I’ve explained it 😅 xxx

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  3. I totally agree with just forcing myself to do it, because you’re so right it is SO worth it afterwards. The feeling of accomplishment after a work out is such a great positive feeling the adrenaline is great. Ah stretching is my favorite part of the work out, it feels so unbelievably great- but I wonder and maybe you know the answer- is it good to stretch before too?

    xo, JJ


  4. I thought I was the only one having those conversations with myself talking myself out of the greatest feeling of accomplishment. A few days ago I put my gym clothes on for the first time in 6 months. I was not motivated enough to go to the gym but I managed to get dressed for it. TODAY I AM GOING. Thanks sis!

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