Review; The Happiness Planner

Welcome back my lovely people, today I’m talking all things planning, organising and happy!

Prior to the New Year I bit the bullet and invested in ‘The Happiness Planner’. Most of you will recognise this from countless blogger and instagram accounts, as one its soooo beautiful and two its perfect for any blogger who’s trying to get more into scheduling and planning ahead with posts.


You can not fault the planner for being aesthetically pleasing! I went for the mint shade because I just can not get enough of mint atm… I love it. So with this in mind it comes in a mint coloured box with ‘the  happiness planner’ written on the front… I presume if you chose the pink one for example the box would be pink.



When you open the box before you get to the planner you have some little paper clips and a glorious rose gold pen… can never have enough pens. You also receive some glorious pieces of paper with lots of motivational ideas on, eg; Goals for 2017, 2017 Vision Board, New Years Resolutions, In 2017 I will… All things to set you up for the upcoming year. Again everything is just soooo beautiful.



& then you get down to the glorious planner itself, and oh my days, it might be super thick and pretty heavy but its soooo worth it! I mean can we just appreciate the gloriousness of this. Annoyingly with it being so thick it is pretty heavy so I don’t tend to carry it round with me day to day because that would just break my back!! I leave it at home and check it every morning/night, while trying to remember to write everything I need to in it!



Before you get to any of the days, there are a lot of ‘admin’ pages… not too sure what else to call them! The founder of the Happiness Planner writes a little note to begin with and then you have pages such as, where you want to be in 5 years and 10 years time,  your weaknesses and strengths etc. Just interesting little questions and things to rate to really make you think about how you are feeling at the moment, what you want to achieve during the year and how you want to feel at the end.


Everyday there is a little pick you up quote to start your day off the right way, keep your happiness flowing and to generally make your day better. The day schedule is split into a to do list, schedule, favourite exercise, what meal you’re looking forward to etc. Just cute little things that you can focus on during the day to keep you going and realise even if you think you’re having the worst day ever, you still have something to look forward to.

I genuinely think this planner is so beautiful inside and out! Its a great way to make you feel happier, appreciative and get you focused on what you want to achieve this year and help you along the way. I couldn’t recommend it enough & I love it.

Thanks for reading!

Fran, X



10 thoughts on “Review; The Happiness Planner”

  1. OMG I love thisss!!! What, I’m sad I didn’t even know this existed, I totally would’ve gotten this over mine lol I love the mint, great color to go with. Green makes me feel refreshed and motivated to GO and get things done! And of course my love for the gold contrast….its perfect. I honestly might have to get one anyways now.

    xo, JJ

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