Shopping; Primark Haul

Sooooooooo, I went to Primark and of course some money spending happened.

I purchased these few items a couple of weeks ago now and have warn all of them! However, I just really love reading primary haul blog posts and watching videos showing some lovely pieces

1.A little shirt:

This is definitely not my usual kind of top, I love a good jumper me. But I thought I would go for it, ‘you never know until you try’. The material is super soft which I thoroughly enjoy and I am coming round to the pattern… although it does slightly look like I’ve just doodled on my own shirt… but hey ho. I tend to style this with dark blue jeans or black jeans and ma boots.


2.The Black Top:

Now, the pictures definitely do not do this justice, it looks better on but I have no tripod and my boyf is awful at taking photos! This is a super cute sheer black top, looks so smart with jeans or a skirt. The v-neck element is very elegant along with the black neck line, which I feel is pretty on trend because on it essentially looks like a choker.


3.The Black Playsuit

So I purchased this play suit because it was £5, that was pretty much why I went for it! I do enjoy the cute red embroidery on the hip/leg which is very on trend, and its actually quite nice for £5. Again its hard to show the neck line in the photo, its supposed to be worn off both the shoulders, but again black is always a flattering colour.


4.The Midi Dress

I love love love this, like I really can not explain how much I enjoy this dress! Its super super flattering, especially on me as I definitely have a bigger butt/thigh area than some! I did go for a few sizes bigger in this dress as its quite a skin tight fitting dress, but the material is so soft and lovely, and its just a really nice piece to wear. It is also a super easy piece to dress up/down, I’ve work it to work then dressed it up with a leather jacket, heeled boots and some jewellery .



I simply can not go into Primark and not look at their glorious Disney section! I usually manage to resist all the cute t-shirts and pyjama sets, but I just LOVE Cinderella. It will always be one of my favourite disney films and for that reason I couldn’t resist this t-shirt! Also, I love this quote so it was just a win win! This top is superb soft, as in literally like putting a blanket on!


& so comes the end.

I really love Primark, I think its so good for cheap yet on trend pieces. Also to be honest, all my primark pieces wash so well, and I’ve had a couple of jumpers for a few years now and they are still fine.

Hope you enjoyed!

Fran, X


18 thoughts on “Shopping; Primark Haul”

  1. I love a Primark haul, you can never ever go wrong with that store, nor can you ever leave that store without buying a few things! I love your bravery with trying out jumpers (or blouses, as we call them here), I personally love blouses like you said just pair with some dark/black jean and it’s perfect! Quite comfy too!!! I’m obsessed with your Disney pajama shirt, best color, and sweetest quote….Cinderella is just an absolute classic! You’ll have to show your outfits on! Maybe a vlog post 🙂

    xo, JJ

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      1. I got a pair of jeans from Primark and LOVE THEM. Although I find that theyre not as durable as other brands but for the price I can’t contain myself lol Otherwise, a majority of my jeans are from Hollister Co….Do you guys have that store out there? Comparable to Abercrombie…


  2. Love all of these items! I’m unfortunately one of those people who can never find anything decent in Primark so I always envy those who can! I can’t believe that playsuit was only £5 – it looks so pretty and like it’s worth so much more. The midi dress looks fab too and I like the idea of going up a size or two to make it more loose-fitted and comfy! You should totally do an outfit post with these! ☺️💖 xxx


  3. Hey! I’ve just come across your blog and I’m so in love with it!! It’s given me so many amazing ideas to continue my blog. Especially a post like this because I’m literally at Primark all the time!! Hopefully if you have time you can check out my blog quickly, it would mean so much 🙂 xx

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