A shoutout; to my faves in 2016.

A shoutout; to my faves in 2016.

Welcome back my lovely people…

So today I want to start a potentially monthy, yet probably every other month post, on my fave people in the blogging/vlogging would in the past month/s. Everyone needs a lil love and appreciation sometimes, so if I can give that to someone and boost their confidence then woohoo.

I’m starting with a few of my faves from 2016, as 2016 is the year I started blogging and opened my eyes to all these amazing new people and friends out there. I wish I could pop you all in first because the admiration I have for everyone I will list in this post and future posts is equal and lovely!

Firstly, I want to talk about Lilly, or as she’s saved in my phone… ‘Lilly Blog’.


Lilly is the first blogger I ever met, right before our first meet up with loads of other inspiring bloggers, we met at Oxford Circus and tried to calm our nerves by mooching round the shops quickly and getting lunch. I knew we would get on fine the instant she tripped over the topshop manikin and then proceeded to get a lush bath bomb all over her nose after sniffing it. My genuine thoughts were – she is amazing, and you know what she really is.

I have to talk about this ladies Instagram first – she has a strong Instagram feed on both her accounts & I feel like she takes pictures 24/7 because she constantly has something new and beautiful up!

I love Lilly’s blog because its sort of an ‘anti-the-norm’ blog, in the sense that she talks about real life, expresses her opinions on why she doesn’t do things and has a very unique view on life. I read Lilly’s blog and it brings me back to real life, logic and a sense of normality, also her writing skills are beyond amazing… I wish I could write like her!

Next, I’m going to talk about one of the most ambitious, honest, motivated and beautiful people I have had the honour to meet…. Miss Charlie Friend everyone…


I am just in awe of this lady 24/7. Her determination to succeed in everything, to try something new and just have the best time ever while trying to do it all will never seese to amaze me. Her blog is beautiful and so true, honest and unique to herself, while her youtube game is constantly getting stronger. I bloomin’ love the sassy style videos, the hilarious vlogs and the glorious sit down chatty videos. This girl is 100% going places in life, and I can’t wait to see it all! She’s 100% a girl boss.

Next, this lovely lady is always a highlight in anything to do with my fave bloggers/pals… Jaide Poppy.


We genuinely have the biggest laugh when we’re together and I can’t wait to see her gorgeous face more this year. I’m popping Jaide in this list because her blog makes for such a beautiful read, I really enjoy her writing style and pretty much want to buy everything she talks about!

If you’re not following her on Instagram you should… she takes the most glorious snaps, I really enjoy her fashion shots the most I think, purely because I know she has a good fashion sense! Jaide is honestly one of the nicest people in the world and I think this is reflected on her twitter, she is super good at commenting and started up conversations about different tweets, she’s also super on it with scheduling tweets!! I feel like her youtube is also going to just keep growing this year & I can’t wait to watch it all!

Next, I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful person ever so briefly a few weeks ago and it was a delight…. Holly Watkins.


I am a massive fan of Holly’s writing, her hugely aesthetically pleasing Instagram and her general can do attitude and honesty. I am in awe of her determination to achieve everything she wants in life and nothing will get in her way! I really admire that about her and wish I was more like that. You’re probably all getting from this post that I wish I was more driven! She’s also super smart & business savvy too, I can definitely see her owning some amazing business one day!

Next, I want to hail the loveliness of Francesca – I have so much love for this lady, and how she can take such amazing selfies!!… genuinely she constantly looks beaut.


I think she’s definitely found her niche in the blogging market as such, and really knows where she’s going with her blog. I wish I had her photography skills and blogging props, she really takes a lovely picture and makes her blogging images so clear, welcoming and could honestly make any product look beautiful!

Lastly, another lovely lady, who I have recently spoken to quite a lot… Kirby Small.


I have such admiration for her and her beautiful Instagram… I mean Kirby herself is absolutely beautiful, put her picture taking talents are just supreme!! She has recently re-vamped her blog and I am absolutely loving it, so classic and elegant with a touch of uniqueness about it. Kirby is another one who I think is super business savvy and will take over the world one day, one blogger at a time! Her ‘company’/ ‘idea’ of “Bloggers who Brunch” is so great and already has loads of bloggers supporting it.

So there you have it for this month!

I will be doing some more of these, so make sure you leave your links below, I love finding new blogs to read!


Fran, X


2 thoughts on “A shoutout; to my faves in 2016.”

  1. Posts like this are always lovely to read – we need more blogger love out there! It’s also nice to come across new bloggers – I’ll be making sure to check out Lilly’s blog ☺️ And the other ladies all have fab blogs that I’m already familiar with! Can’t wait for your next one in this series! xxx

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  2. This is such a good post idea, I love them because I love finding more bloggers- theres so many out there so its nice when theres a reference to someone specific to check out! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, JJ

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