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How to; Healthy (ish) Pizza

Welcome back my lovely people! Long time no speak, apologies for this.

I really feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my blog atm/have lost my blogging mojo! Not 100% sure what is going on, but theres just something missing for me atm.

Anyway I thought I’d pop a post up for you about this delicious ‘healthy’ pizza I’ve been loving and making loads recently. Its super super simple and easy to make, pretty quick to cook and you can pretty much pop on top whatever you want!

Here are the ingredients I used this time around;

(I do really vary what toppings I have… usually just whatever is lying around in the fridge/cupboards!)


  1. Pop a wrap (obvs doesn’t have to be garlic – thats just what we had!) on greaseproof paper on a baking tray – the paper is super important because otherwise the wrap just sticks to the tray and your beautiful pizza is ruined… its heartbreaking.

  2. I put the chopped tomatoes on first, then whatever green leafy product I have lying around, usually spinach or kale next.


  3. I then just sporadically put the rest of the toppings on wherever… leaving a gap in the middle (if you love caramelised onion… branston pickle is legit the next best thing to pop on this). Obviously it’s your choice what you put on top, I just like a lil bit of cheese… because who doesn’t – okay maybe I popped a lot of cheese on this time.


  4. The thing I love most about this pizza is the egg in the middle! I crack the egg and put it raw in the space I have left in the middle.
  5. In to the oven we go for about 20 mins at 190c/till you think its cooked.
  6. & you have a pizza.


Hope you enjoyed this recipe – its delicious!

Fran, X


12 thoughts on “How to; Healthy (ish) Pizza”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try making a pizza with the egg on top!! I always see endless foodie instagrams where they do that and every time I’m like “oh yeah, I want to try that!”, yet I still haven’t. The outcome of your pizza looks unbelievably good and knowing that its “healthy-ish” 😉 is always a win!

    xo, JJ

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