25 things for turning 25.

Thats right, the time has come, today I have ‘turned’ 25.

Now I know 25, isn’t an 18th or a 21st, but its definitely a significant number to me! 25 seems old and young all in one. I just can’t cope…!

Here are some of my thoughts;

  1. I’m finally in a job that I enjoy – I’m so happy I managed that before the big 2 5.
  2. I moved out of my parents house last year & despite the initial issues, I couldn’t be happier.
  3. I am aware I have so much more to learn about every single thing in this world.
  4. I think the best thing I’ve learnt is to not take life too seriously, its not worth the stress.
  5. Peter Pan has the best life quotes in it.
  6. Who knew you could form such an attachment to a hamster. I mean, I knew about attachments to dogs – they are my babies & I love them, but I feel exactly the same way about lil Benji now.
  7. I wish I’d made more of Uni. Made more friends, gone out more, enjoyed first and second year more. Third year was the best time I could have asked for, I just wish the first two years had been the same.
  8. I also wish I’d done marketing or business at Uni.
  9. Saving to buy a house is long and draining.
  10. My childhood memories are beautiful.
  11. My secondary school memories are not.
  12. What is my next ‘milestone’ in life… do I need one?
  13. I’m by no means fit, but I’m definitely a lot more into healthy eating & exercise than I was once upon a time.
  14. Taste buds change – I used to hate peanut butter… now I crave it.
  15. Try and learn to love yourself.
  16. I waste far to much time watching TV and youtube!
  17. I want to travel more – just need the monies.
  18. I enjoy my group of friends.
  19. Spring is 100% my favourite season… so many possibilities and light and sun.
  20. You really don’t ‘need’ that extra helping or piece of chocolate!
  21. Sleep is my best pal.
  22. Keeping a blog up and running, along with social media is harder than it looks. People who think you just write a few words and bam you’re done are very wrong!
  23. Walking is my go to when I feel any kind of extreme emotion.
  24. I will work on my blog this year.







Bit random, but those are my thoughts!

I hope you’re having a glorious day,

Fran, X


4 thoughts on “25 things for turning 25.”

  1. Fran! Happy Belated sweet girl!! I love your photos- you’re such a pretty girl! Congrats on the new job too. What are you doing now? Also you’re so right you’re lucky you found a job you like at 25! You go girl! I can’t believe you didn’t like peanut butter before lol I’ve through and through have loved it. Do you like it creamy or crunchy!?

    xo, JJ


  2. This post made me smile! Very cute, but Fran.. you defiantly SHOULD have that extra piece of chocolate cake 😉 “says the devil on your shoulder”. Instead of crying and obsessive Instagram stalking when I feel low I MUST take your advice and go for a walk.

    Much love

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