Having support in the blogging world.

Welcome back my lovelies,

Today I want to talk about a topic that I’ve always been aware of, but has come to my attention a lot recently… having people support you in the blogging world & knowings its okay to be you.

My main reason for writing this was triggered by the Bloggers Who Brunch Launch event this weekend, which was utterly fabulous, massive congrats still to Kirby for such a great event! Prior to the event, it came to my attention that a few people were really nervous about attending the event, so much so that they ended up not going due to these nerves. In response to people’s nerves I saw multiple people reassuring them, stating they were going by themselves, it was their first meet up, most people are in the same boat, people who have been before will also be nervous etc. To see beaut things like this on my timeline was lovely, considering everything else which is happening atm!!

I know the blogging world is huge and there are millions and millions of people out there blogging about everything on the whole universe! I also know that the beauty/fashion/lifestyle world is huge, and very intimidating…. emphasise the very!

When you first start blogging or if you have been for a while and are contemplating attending an event… just do it. Guarantee there will be someone there who feels the same as you, if not worse! The main aim for most of the events aimed at smaller bloggers is to network, make friends, get to know brands, get some tips and just have fun. There is no pressure at these events to be the new version of Zoella – just be you, do your thing.

Personally I find going to events really beneficial in terms of feedback and knowing that you are in a really secure blogging world with peers who enjoy your writing and only want you to succeed. Most people are so supportive of every little thing you tweet about, from finally being able to cook a pancake to running the marathon! (Charlie Friend – well done you absolute babe). I completely understand why people get nervous about events… I get nervous… mainly that I’m not going to recognise people I’ve spoken to online… which completely happened the other day! But I also met some lovely new bloggers, who I would maybe never have reached out to before, so you never know what is going to happen.


Through going to events and actually meeting people in person not just chatting online, I can honestly say I’ve mad some really good friends – who are always there with blogging or just general life support!

In such a big world, its good to have a ‘support’ group to be able to turn to.

Until next time!

Fran, X


2 thoughts on “Having support in the blogging world.”

  1. I’m so jealous that all these fun blogging events take place in London! I was seeing a lot of people talking and posting about BWB and it just seemed like such a lovely event. But I must agree the support system in the blogging community is undeniably one of the best I’ve ever encountered. Everyone is so sweet and encouraging! You ladies are looking oh so pretty and fab in that photo!!!!

    xo, JJ


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