FP; Trying to revive my lifeless hair

Welcome back my lovely people,

So today I wanted to talk about my hair and the lack of shazam it has. I love my hair, I wouldn’t ever want to cut it really short…. but I just never do anything with it…ever. I find it a massive pain when I leave it down, because I just want it out of my face! I only wear it down when I’m going somewhere really nice/when I want to look a lil fancy. Other than that it gets swept up into a high pony tail or bun and we are all set for the day.

I’ve been changing it up a little recently by using the Natural WorldArgan Oil of Morocco Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil… and safe to say my hair has been loving it!

Can we just start with the smell, it is pretty divine. 

Now lets start with a tiny background on my hair, its super thin, medium to long length, I don’t dye it, lacks volume, but is pretty shiny and soft 24/7. (shiny in a good way, not in a greasy way… although I do have to wash it every other day because it gets greasy super quickly).

To begin with I popped the shampoo mainly at the roots of my hair and worked outwards, the conditioner I then focused on the ends of my hair, along with the oil once I had towel dried it a lil. Culminating in beautiful locks… once I’d used my marvellous tangle teazer, which I swear by, the get all the knots out!


My initial thoughts were: my hair looks great, a little thicker maybe, slightly more volume maybe, but definitely looks clean! I wasn’t blown away to begin with but I was definitely happy.

After using it for over 3 weeks now, I’m in love. I couldn’t imagine going back to anything else now! My hair definitely is thicker… although there are a million split ends that need to get cut off soon! (just saving up to afford the hair dresser as you do). Although I said my hair was soft before, the texture just feels a lot more ‘looked after’/’cared for’ now (if thats a thing) which I’m loving.

Oddly, I find it easier to style. I think as I said because there is more texture about it, it doesn’t just slip down now as apposed to before. I can actually curl it and the curls won’t vanish in 5 mins!!

Thanks for reading!

Fran, X


11 thoughts on “FP; Trying to revive my lifeless hair”

  1. Think I’m going to have to give this a try! Been having similar issues with my hair, and just want a switch up. Ta for the tips lovely. Ps hair looks gorgeous and love you little F necklace, super cute

    Love H

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  2. Oh man oh man, I feel like my hair could TOTALLY use this esp after all the damage from coloring my hair. Your hair in the photos looks amazing, very fresh and nourished! Love the color of you hair, it’s natural right? Lucky girl!

    xo, JJ

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  3. Your hair looks so healthy and smooth! I heard Argan oil and Morocco oil are great for hair. I haven’t change my shampoo for long so I will give it a try once I finish what I have left. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Pretty cool going to check it out. You know what I have tried and I did notice a big difference. Home made coconut oil (extra virgin gmo free) melt it and comb it threw your hair. Leave on for about 1 hour then wash as normal. Gives a lot of luster and shine.

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