Let’s Talk Fitness

Welcome back my lovely people!

Safe to say I have been 100% awful at blogging recently and keeping you all up to date with my ‘fitness journey’ as some would say! It’s a really tricky one fitness in general. I would love to think I’m ‘fit’ in an exercise term, but 1. I know I’m definitely not! and 2. there is a lot more that goes into being ‘fit’ or ‘healthy’ than a few trips to the gym.

I’m using very big umbrella terms here for ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ etc because everyone has their own different ideas/ideals of what they think both terms mean. I can only work off my thoughts about fitness!

Personally, what I have realised in the past few months is that everything to do with fitness is a mental game. Obviously my body has been in slight pain when I haven’t stretched enough! However its 100% my brain that has been the one motivating me to go to the gym, hating how I look, telling me to not eat something etc. This is what I mean by a mental game – you really have to get your head in a ‘good’ place for anything to happen.


I have found myself referring to my own motivation blog post to get me going back to the gym!

To be honest, Monday morning was the first time I had been to the gym for about 2 months for various reasons. I was on holiday, ill for about 4 weeks & then went to Chelmsford for 2 & a bit weeks with work, so its been a little hectic to fit it in. However, just because I have not been to the gym it doesn’t mean I haven’t been exercising & trying to keep ‘fit’. My fitbit & I have become best friends lets put it that way… smashing those 10,000 steps.


Along with trying to walk as much as possibly, I’ve been whacking out the odd squat and lunge here and there lolz. I’m definitely back at it now though, felt so good to be in the gym this morning & even better leaving knowing I’d had a solid workout.

If you would like to know my current workout routine let me know in the comments & i’ll whack out a post for you… & attempt to get some sassy pics of me in the gym.

How is your healthy lifestyle going?

Fran, X


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