Heading to Skincare Stardom

Welcome back my lovely people, today I want to enlighten you on my latest skincare picks, my go-tos for the Autumn Winter months if you will.

I am a huge skincare novice, I will admit it’s definitely not my best area. I’ll happily pop on the make up but I just really cba to take it off… I complain a lot. However, recently I have been trying to go the extra mile and actually use some cleanser, instead of a quick wipe & we’re done with make up remover! I realise some of you are probably awe struck by that… I’m lazy what can I say! Helping me on my way to skincare stardom have been a few gems from Nivea, Garnier and Amie. Along with just my own motivation to make my face sparkle!


Firstly, as many many bloggers will preach, I use the micellar water from Garnier to take off my makeup or the Amie one. I simply love this product, it doesn’t irritate my skin, removes pretty much all my makeup and 1 bottle lasts forever. I tend to pop this on a cotton wool pad and gently swirl it all over my face making sure most of the products are removed.


From there I head over to Nivea or Amie – whichever takes my fancy! (realistically whichever bottles closer) and I massage the cleanser gently into my skin. From Nivea I am currently using the Exfoliating Facial Wash and Amie the Purifying Facial Wash, both of which I love and have re-purchased multiple times. I tend to wipe this off with a damp flannel/face cloth, until my face looks beaut really (lolz).


Now its time for moisturiser, again this will come as no surprise I either go for Nivea or Amie. My skin just bloomin loves them both… I do have to say the Amie Matte-Finish Moisturiser smells out of this world, as do all of their products, I just want to eat it off my face. 


If I have the time in life I do rather enjoy a face mask. I have tried many a face mask over the years but recently I have been thriving off the Amie Rose & Argan Super-Renewing Moisture Mask – a real treat for the skin. The mask claims to give skin an instant moisture boost and intensely re-hydrates, nourishes and plumps up dry, tired and de-hydrated skin to help promote a dewy, radiant glow. – I agree. With this mask I apply a light film to my face, avoiding my eye area, and leave it for about 10 – 15 mins, then simply remove with a damp flannel.

& that rounds off my routine.

Let me know your skincare tips & tricks!

Fran, X


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