Need some inspo? Last Minute Ladies Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome back my lovely people, today I am purely recommending items I would love to receive for Christmas, and giving you guys some simple ideas for gifts! What more could you want… apart from someone buying everything for you (lolz).

Firstly, I’m an avid fan of my star sign (aries)… not 100% sure why, I don’t read horoscopes or anything, I just quite like when I was born! With this in mind I’ve gone for this Aries Zodiac Mug which comes in at £8. I’ve refrained from putting any more mugs in this list… but I really do love a good mug & there are so many zodiac ones around this year.


We all know our laptops are our lives, so keeping it safe when it slips through your fingers is number 1 priority. This is my current fave, the Grace Laptop Sleeve at £31, which is available in some beautiful colours from STM goods.


Every girl needs new skincare supplies at Christmas and I 100% back these as being the perfect choice. Anything from Amie Skincare is just fabulous, I know I have raved about them a lot on my blog previously, but I just love them & think their products are ideal for gifts.


Now Christmas is potentially one of my fave times of year… however January/February is naatttt. Everyone’s thinking about sorting their lives out, getting their bod back and just generally clearing their mind for the new year. With this in mind, a lot of people tend to opt on the fitness bandwagon…. the gym gets disgustingly busy. So gym clothes might be a good route to go down… I am so in love with the Merakilo Amenity Leggings in Cherry Red from £17.99. They are super high waisted which I really love in a gym legging and super soft.


Sort of in unison with going to the gym, but also for general life, headphones are always a handy item to have on you. I have recently been lusting over the Rose Gold Lily England Headphones which are beautiful and super slim, making packing/squeezing them in your handbag so much easier!


Now, it wouldn’t be a ladies gift guide with out a bit o’bling (bling.. who do I think I am). When it comes to jewellery I’m very partial to a ring mainly from Pandora… most days its the only jewellery I wear.



I hope this has given some of you inspiration on what to get familes, friends, secret santa’s etc! Christmas is a busy time of year so any gift suggestions you have do not hesitate to pop them in the comments!

Until next time, Fran X


2 thoughts on “Need some inspo? Last Minute Ladies Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. Pandora rings are my favourites!! I have a few that I always wear, they just look so lovely; the laptop case and leggings are gorgeous . Lovely gift ideas xx

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