2018; Thoughts & Goals

Happy New Year you lovely people & welcome back. Today I want to talk about 2018, the significance, the ideas & the goals. (ps. soz this is so late)

As we are all aware there is a huge ‘new start’ bubble surrounding the 1st of January, the cynic in me wants to say it’s just another day… but I get and embrace the motivation and fresh start it brings. For me & probably most people, the 1st of January was the day I stop eating all my Christmas chocolate (if I haven’t eaten it already by then.) However there are definitely more influential matters I start to re think and consider at this time of year… career goals, life goals, blog goals, fitness goals etc.


Fitness is quite a big aspect of my life, for example, over Christmas I really struggled with just sitting around all day. I constantly feel like I have to be doing something. I am aware this is also due to my personality trait of just constantly thinking there is stuff to be doing! Although I’m not just talking about popping the washing on, I have an urge to at least go for a walk everyday, get out in the fresh air, clear my mind and just to generally be active.

This is what I want to encourage this year… having a more active lifestyle.

I would also love to do alot more fitness posts on my blog & insta.


Not to blow my own trumpet here (I believe that’s the saying) but work isn’t too shabby at the moment. I’m enjoying my Event Manager role, love the people I work with & I can walk to work… pretty perfect.

My only slight reservations would be, I’m not 100% sure where I can go from where I am at the moment in this company… other than a pay rise (which I’d LOVE & some shares) I think I’m just going to gain as much experience as possible. See where the world takes me.

So I think my career goal for this year is simply gaining experience, maybe looking at moving towards the end of the year & proving I need a pay rise!


& so we come to life. A life which is currently very out of routine due to the Christmas period & just wanting to eat! Again, my life could be better, could be worse, but isn’t too shabs. We moved house about a month and a half ago & it really has done wonders for me. I’m just in love with it! Who knew having more space, no mould & two bedrooms would make my life complete.

Dan & I are in a good lil place, I would love a dog but I’m pretty sure that won’t be happening this year :(!

I think my goal for life this year would be, to be financially stable. That’s one thing I would love to have, along with saving for a mortage… which seems endless!

Also I want to travel some more, to where I do not know, I just know I want to travel.


To begin 2018 I finally own my domain, something I had been debating for ages & finally took the plunge. I have been very up and down with my blog in 2017, I started the year not posting at all, then intermittently posted until the end of the year really. I just fell out of love with it a little/wasn’t happy with the content I was producing. I think I’m potentially still at this stage a smigde, but I’m really hoping to work on it this year.

Along with my blog comes Instagram, another platform I really want work on this year & up my photography skills.

Basically I just want to get s*it done, learn loads & be more active.

What are your goals?

Fran, X


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