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Tea Time w/ some extra nourishment

Its simple…. I LOVE TEA. I have a post coming soon about my top faves in the tea world, however today there is one brand that I thought really stood out and deserved their own post!

T+Boost… The Smarter Tea for people who love allllll the green tea in life. There are multiple reasons I am such an advocate for green tea, 1. I’m trying to avoid milk (& I can’t stand dairy alternative milks in an english breakfast cuppa!) 2. the taste & 3. the health benefits. As many of you know I have really been working on my diet, body and general holistic nutrition – as certain bod changes have pushed my to look into alternative food choices. The health benefits that come from green tea are something that definitely aids me, its packed with antioxidants, aids brain health and reportedly helps with fat loss/toning.


Just to give you a quick summary from the T+ website: “t + boost is an energising blend of functional herbs, green tea, fruit & 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins per clever little tea bag. We blend together energising super herbs yerba mate and ginseng with antioxidant packed green tea and 50% RDA in energy releasing B vitamins ( vitamins that support normal energy yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue ). We then finish this blend off with an invigorating blend of natural raspberry & pomegranate flavours to create the perfect energising super tea! ” …. In short they taste amazing… AMAZING.

There were multiple packs I was tempted to try off the site, but me being me I chose the ‘Gym Bunny Bundle’ because who wouldn’t? With in this bundle you receive two months supply of both t+ boost and t+detox, the perfect combo for pre and post workout.


t+boost has a delicious Raspberry & Pomegranate natural flavouring, packed with various vitamins such as B12 & B6 and an energy boosting blend of yerba mate, ginseng and green tea.

t+detox has a refreshing Apple & Blackcurrant natural flavouring, again packed with multiple vitamins including B2 & C, with a cleansing blend of green tea, milk thistle and dandelion root.


As part of t+plus tea, they have joined up with the charity Vitamin Angels, to spread the power and word of vitamins to those in need. With every single purchase of even just one t+ box 10p goes straight to the charity, so with every 2 boxes purchased 1 child is supplied with a years supplement of Vitamin A.

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I just thoroughly enjoy both flavours & the fact that they have added vitamins and nutrients is a win win. After trialling both flavours for a couple of weeks, I definitely feel a lot more alive in the mornings, whether its the lighter mornings or the tea, I’m 100% more energetic – which is a win win as I’m an early gym goer!

Fran, X


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