#warontheline The Watercress Line

Welcome back my lovely people! Today I want to tell you about the glorious day I have at the Watercress Line event #warontheline which I attended on Father's Day - obvs I took me Mam and Dad with me! The Watercress Line is the marketing name for Mid Hants Railway - a heritage railway in… Continue reading #warontheline The Watercress Line


You’ll want a pizza this pie

Welcome back my lovelies - today I want to talk all things food, my fave topic of course.  I was kindly invited by The Stable to sample their new summer menu, naturally I jumped at the chance to try their food heaven and I love any excuse to go to Winchester... such a beautiful city. The Stable is… Continue reading You’ll want a pizza this pie


London Gin Festival

As you may have seen from copious social media posts,  I attended the Gin Festival at London Tobacco Docks, sponsored by Schweppes. Needless to say it was the most beautiful yet boozy event I have had the pleasure to attend. "The mission remains the same; great venues, great atmosphere and most importantly great gin. Even… Continue reading London Gin Festival

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Tea Time w/ some extra nourishment

Its simple.... I LOVE TEA. I have a post coming soon about my top faves in the tea world, however today there is one brand that I thought really stood out and deserved their own post! T+Boost... The Smarter Tea for people who love allllll the green tea in life. There are multiple reasons I am… Continue reading Tea Time w/ some extra nourishment


2018; Thoughts & Goals

Happy New Year you lovely people & welcome back. Today I want to talk about 2018, the significance, the ideas & the goals. (ps. soz this is so late) As we are all aware there is a huge 'new start' bubble surrounding the 1st of January, the cynic in me wants to say it's just… Continue reading 2018; Thoughts & Goals


Need some inspo? Last Minute Ladies Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome back my lovely people, today I am purely recommending items I would love to receive for Christmas, and giving you guys some simple ideas for gifts! What more could you want... apart from someone buying everything for you (lolz). Firstly, I'm an avid fan of my star sign (aries)... not 100% sure why, I don't… Continue reading Need some inspo? Last Minute Ladies Christmas Gift Guide


Heading to Skincare Stardom

Welcome back my lovely people, today I want to enlighten you on my latest skincare picks, my go-tos for the Autumn Winter months if you will. I am a huge skincare novice, I will admit it's definitely not my best area. I'll happily pop on the make up but I just really cba to take it off... I complain… Continue reading Heading to Skincare Stardom


How I’m spending my Halloween

Welcome back my lovelies and Happy Halloween! I can not believe it's 31st October already, where has this year gone!? On the plus side it means Christmas is so soon & I love Christmas. Firstly though we have Halloween, a glorious holiday in my opinion, I have visions of American streets covered in Halloween gear… Continue reading How I’m spending my Halloween


Food; Branching Out ‘Off the Eaten Path’

Welcome back my lovely people, today I would like to talk about how people essentially get stuck in a rut with their eating... you find what you like & stick with it... (trust me I do the same, pizza & I get on well.) ...and how to get out of this. I really believe its not… Continue reading Food; Branching Out ‘Off the Eaten Path’