Heading to Skincare Stardom

Welcome back my lovely people, today I want to enlighten you on my latest skincare picks, my go-tos for the Autumn Winter months if you will. I am a huge skincare novice, I will admit it's definitely not my best area. I'll happily pop on the make up but I just really cba to take it off... I complain… Continue reading Heading to Skincare Stardom


Review; Technic Cosmetics

Welcome back my lovely people, today it’s all about makeup. Makeup from the brand…. Technic Technic are a hugely affordable cosmetics brand, with eye palettes, nail varnishes, lipsticks etc. They have recently brought out a few contour palettes too which I am dying to try - I have recently found my local Peacocks store selling… Continue reading Review; Technic Cosmetics


Review; Remescar Medmetics

Welcome back my lovely people, today I'm talking about under eye circles - ya know those beaut slightly black patches we get under our eyes! This is a review of the Remescar Medmetics - Eye Bags & Dark Circles. The Product: The cream is essentially aimed at banishing under eye bags/dark circles... which none wants... with… Continue reading Review; Remescar Medmetics


Review; Bare Minerals

Welcome back you lovely people, today I am discussing all things Bare Minerals. Up until recently, I had never tried anything fromm Bare Minerals… obviously I had heard a lot about the brand but never gone that step further and actually made a purchase! (mainly because I never have any monies). However a few weekends… Continue reading Review; Bare Minerals


5 things every girl thinks when they are having their hair cut

Welcome back you lovely people... so I went to the hairdressers the other day and these were my thoughts... Having ya hair cut is a big deal. I don't care what anyone says, you don't want to be walking round like a dipstick because you've got wonky hair. I mean I like the whole luxury… Continue reading 5 things every girl thinks when they are having their hair cut

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My Christmas Wish List 2016

To begin; I bloomin' love Christmas. Probably the lead up to Christmas more than anything, the Christmas adverts, knowing you're going to have atleast a week off work, the food, the music (specifically the Michael Buble album), the family time, the decorations. Everything about Christmas I love love love. Now, the task of present buying I'm… Continue reading My Christmas Wish List 2016

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Women Empowerment; Arya Candles

Welcome back my lovely people. Today I want to talk about a new candle brand Arya Candles. Personally I love a candle, I love it even more when I know something I have purchased has so much love, meaning and passion behind it and gone in to it. The Brand: Arya Candles is run by a… Continue reading Women Empowerment; Arya Candles