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Tea Time w/ some extra nourishment

Its simple.... I LOVE TEA. I have a post coming soon about my top faves in the tea world, however today there is one brand that I thought really stood out and deserved their own post! T+Boost... The Smarter Tea for people who love allllll the green tea in life. There are multiple reasons I am… Continue reading Tea Time w/ some extra nourishment


Let’s Talk Fitness

Welcome back my lovely people! Safe to say I have been 100% awful at blogging recently and keeping you all up to date with my 'fitness journey' as some would say! It's a really tricky one fitness in general. I would love to think I'm 'fit' in an exercise term, but 1. I know I'm… Continue reading Let’s Talk Fitness


Simple Tips for Upping Your Fitness

Welcome back my lovelies, today I'm going to talk about simple and easy ways to up your 'fitness' a little and mix more exercise into your day to day life. Fitness is probably something I struggle with the most! I've just never ever ever been 'super' fit. I can do about 5 burpees until I… Continue reading Simple Tips for Upping Your Fitness

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How to; Healthy (ish) Pizza

Welcome back my lovely people! Long time no speak, apologies for this. I really feel like I'm stuck in a rut with my blog atm/have lost my blogging mojo! Not 100% sure what is going on, but theres just something missing for me atm. Anyway I thought I'd pop a post up for you about… Continue reading How to; Healthy (ish) Pizza

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FP; How I stay motivated

Welcome back my lovely people, today I will be discussing all things motivation aka how I manage to drag myself to the gym & work out!...its tough! I think most people seek some form of motivation... especially in January as everyone wants to get fit, loose a bit of weight or tone up. Its very… Continue reading FP; How I stay motivated