What I eat in a day; 12.12

Welcome back my lovely people, today I'm talking all things food. As you all know, I love food. - just can't resist. I also love reading what I eat in a day posts/watching you tube videos, so I thought I'd do one. I do try and stay relatively healthy on weekdays, purely because I go… Continue reading What I eat in a day; 12.12


Childhood Memories: Le Petit Trianon de St Ustre

So, three month I went back to my favourite place in the world, my second home if you will… Le Petit Triannon de St Ustre (LPT for short). Let me give you a little back story… My Mum, Dad, Brother & I went to LPT every year on holiday when we were younger. I first went… Continue reading Childhood Memories: Le Petit Trianon de St Ustre


Es Cana, Ibiza

On June 24th 2016, my boyfriend and I flew out to Es Cana, Ibiza (Eivissa). Neither as us had been to Ibiza before and we were definitely going with an open mind, despite what most people think of Ibiza; rowdy, drinking, parties, youths... However, I had also heard that the island was beautiful, sunny, elegant,… Continue reading Es Cana, Ibiza