Need some inspo? Last Minute Ladies Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome back my lovely people, today I am purely recommending items I would love to receive for Christmas, and giving you guys some simple ideas for gifts! What more could you want... apart from someone buying everything for you (lolz). Firstly, I'm an avid fan of my star sign (aries)... not 100% sure why, I don't… Continue reading Need some inspo? Last Minute Ladies Christmas Gift Guide


The Low Down; Vlogmas? Blogmas?

Welcome back my lovely people, Soooo its officially the month for all things Christmas, food and family related. (finally) I thought I would just update you all on my Vlogmas/Blogmas situation. To be completely honest I'm going to do neither every day. I will however do a weekly Vlogmas and be whacking out some cracking… Continue reading The Low Down; Vlogmas? Blogmas?


Review; Bare Minerals

Welcome back you lovely people, today I am discussing all things Bare Minerals. Up until recently, I had never tried anything fromm Bare Minerals… obviously I had heard a lot about the brand but never gone that step further and actually made a purchase! (mainly because I never have any monies). However a few weekends… Continue reading Review; Bare Minerals

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My Christmas Wish List 2016

To begin; I bloomin' love Christmas. Probably the lead up to Christmas more than anything, the Christmas adverts, knowing you're going to have atleast a week off work, the food, the music (specifically the Michael Buble album), the family time, the decorations. Everything about Christmas I love love love. Now, the task of present buying I'm… Continue reading My Christmas Wish List 2016