1 Year Anniversary

Welcome back my lovelies, So today is actually my 1 year anniversary of blogging & writing on my glorious 'apageofme' blog. I kinda can and kinda can't believe its been a year since I entered this blogging world and thinking about how up & down I've been about it! I started off at a very… Continue reading 1 Year Anniversary


Bulgaria; Sunny Beach

Welcome back my lovely people, how long it has been! I hope you're all well & have had a lovely Summer, which is sadly almost over 😦 Today I'm back with a post all about Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, a major seaside resort on the Black Sea. I did a whole load of research before booking… Continue reading Bulgaria; Sunny Beach


2 Fashion Trends; I’m loving

Welcome back my lovely people, today I want to talk all things fashion. I really try to not go shopping too often – which I know is never fun, but I’m realllyyyy trying to save to buy a house! So you know, needs must. However, I am a sucker for looking at various websites, mainly,… Continue reading 2 Fashion Trends; I’m loving


L’oreal Super Infinity Black Liquid Liner

Ever since I went through my very lovely ‘emo’ stage in about Year 9… what’s that? 13/14 years old? I have loved eyeliner…although now I wear slightly less than I did then... thank goodness. I find there is something so elegant about a little liner, whether it be tight lining on the upper or lower lash… Continue reading L’oreal Super Infinity Black Liquid Liner


Ray Ban Erikas

Ray Ban – Erika’s Now, I do not by any means have a vast sunglasses collection… most of mine tend to fall apart when the little screw falls out the side and I’m left with 1 armed glasses. (ideal)  So walking around Ibiza airport duty free made me make a spontaneous… and annoyingly not cheap… Continue reading Ray Ban Erikas