Having support in the blogging world.

Welcome back my lovelies, Today I want to talk about a topic that I've always been aware of, but has come to my attention a lot recently... having people support you in the blogging world & knowings its okay to be you. My main reason for writing this was triggered by the Bloggers Who Brunch Launch… Continue reading Having support in the blogging world.


Top Tips: For Staying at Uni

Now I just want to emphasise the title here... top tips for staying at Uni, not going to. To be honest, I found going to Uni the easy part, stopping myself from dropping out was the hard part (homesickness is a bitch). My first term of Uni I LOVED. Literally I thought Uni was the best thing ever,… Continue reading Top Tips: For Staying at Uni


V Festival 2016

Better late than never… Sunday 21st August, my friend & I… boyfriends in tow… went to Vfest for the day, headliners being Rihanna and David Guetta. Safe to say we arrived pretty early (keen beans to avoid the traffic) so we were probably waiting for 45 mins ish before anyone was allowed through the main… Continue reading V Festival 2016