#warontheline The Watercress Line

Welcome back my lovely people! Today I want to tell you about the glorious day I have at the Watercress Line event #warontheline which I attended on Father's Day - obvs I took me Mam and Dad with me! The Watercress Line is the marketing name for Mid Hants Railway - a heritage railway in… Continue reading #warontheline The Watercress Line


2018; Thoughts & Goals

Happy New Year you lovely people & welcome back. Today I want to talk about 2018, the significance, the ideas & the goals. (ps. soz this is so late) As we are all aware there is a huge 'new start' bubble surrounding the 1st of January, the cynic in me wants to say it's just… Continue reading 2018; Thoughts & Goals


Food; Branching Out ‘Off the Eaten Path’

Welcome back my lovely people, today I would like to talk about how people essentially get stuck in a rut with their eating... you find what you like & stick with it... (trust me I do the same, pizza & I get on well.) ...and how to get out of this. I really believe its not… Continue reading Food; Branching Out ‘Off the Eaten Path’


Bulgaria; Sunny Beach

Welcome back my lovely people, how long it has been! I hope you're all well & have had a lovely Summer, which is sadly almost over 😦 Today I'm back with a post all about Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, a major seaside resort on the Black Sea. I did a whole load of research before booking… Continue reading Bulgaria; Sunny Beach


Top Tips: For Staying at Uni

Now I just want to emphasise the title here... top tips for staying at Uni, not going to. To be honest, I found going to Uni the easy part, stopping myself from dropping out was the hard part (homesickness is a bitch). My first term of Uni I LOVED. Literally I thought Uni was the best thing ever,… Continue reading Top Tips: For Staying at Uni


5 things every girl thinks when they are having their hair cut

Welcome back you lovely people... so I went to the hairdressers the other day and these were my thoughts... Having ya hair cut is a big deal. I don't care what anyone says, you don't want to be walking round like a dipstick because you've got wonky hair. I mean I like the whole luxury… Continue reading 5 things every girl thinks when they are having their hair cut